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17/12/2000 Edition No. 6

Win at New Zealand Casinos


Recent airfare discounting in Australia has opened up another possibility for casino-goers. Apart from Australia’s 13 casinos, the chance to visit New Zealand is almost too good to pass up. The best deal we could find was a $399 return flight to Dunedin with Freedom Air International. On the South Island you will find four casinos: Dunedin, two in Queenstown and the best for blackjack players in New Zealand, Christchurch. A trip of a couple of weeks with a hire car to get around has the potential to be a great money-earner.

Contact: 1800 142 000 or

Melbourne's Herald-Sun 7 December, 2000 reported on a new weapon being used by Crown surveillance. In their attempt to detect ‘pests’ (I presume this means card-counters as well as cheats, criminals and other low-life), they are now using ‘facial recognition software’. This measures distances between eyes, nose and mouth to determine who are the baddies as matched in their database. That includes I presume, people not, or no longer losing money hand over fist to the casino.

For any situation with a reasonable player advantage (+2 true count or more), two boxes should be played when other boxes are being used. However, if playing one on one with the dealer, wager two thirds of the normal total bet, on a single box. For example if you would normally wager $150 in each of two boxes, instead wager $200 in only one box. This rule helps even out fluctuations and maximise turnover for any given bankroll.

"Do not open up a box whilst a table is winning or at least without asking first." Mathematically ignorant of course, but in practical terms, if you want to avoid the wrath of superstitious gamblers and disapproving dealers, best to try to play along with this one. After a couple of bad hands for the players, you can try opening with the comment, "Let’s see if this changes the luck!"

"Why would you split a winning hand?" (Pair of 9’s) Sitting on 18 gives us one very average hand, whilst spitting gives us a great chance to improve to two winners, with the double after split rule option making the split even more attractive.

Best of betting!
News 10/12/2000

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