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10/12/2000 Edition No. 5

Winning Blackjack Tips


Adelaide Casino is in the midst of celebrating its 15th Anniversary. The Casino occupies the old interstate railway building next to the River Torrens, in a very picturesque setting. It was interesting to note many current and ex-employees and interstate Casino executives gathered together in a Boy’s Club atmosphere, partying away. 

The appearance of a particular manager of a large gambling establishment in the upstairs high-roller area did not go un-noticed. For six hours he plugged away at the baccarat table, religiously copying down previous results in an effort to somehow exploit the game. Could this possibly be the same character who has banned from his own workplace players "found to be exploiting the game of Blackjack"?

Most people play the dodgy game of Crown Pontoon thoughtlessly with the same strategy they used previously at Blackjack. Considering the ‘10’ cards have been removed from the 8 decks, this means players are playing a game of true -4, or 2.5% disadvantage. The minimal ‘options and bonuses’ still leave the house enjoying approximately a 2% edge. Even with correct strategy, the poor punter, believing he or she is being wise playing a small stakes $10 table, is losing more than the people playing on a $25 Blackjack table!

By card-counting in this game, we conclude that a player edge can be achieved, but only one quarter of the time that one is reached with Blackjack. If Crown eventually eliminate Blackjack from their casino(!), and replace it with Crown Pontoon, a team with a huge bankroll may still be able to make good money.


Many counters fail due to over betting of their bankroll (money invested in blackjack that one can afford to lose). To eliminate most risk, divide your bankroll by 100 and round to the closest $25 for the size of your largest bet. This largest bet is at the top end of your 1-12 betting spread for eight deck games.


‘X number of boxes is going well...don’t change it’! Proven only after the fact. However, for maximum turnover, counters should discourage gamblers joining the table at high positive counts and conversely, encourage them at negative counts.

Best of Betting!

News 3/12/2000

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