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Some huge results: $61.90 winning horse & $9,046.60 First Four! - March & April 2015

Lucky Lil's tips 17/1/2015 - 28/2/2015

An excellent Melbourne Cup month! 31/12/2014 - 1/11/2014

Some good value this month 31/10/2014

A tougher time after some big wins 30/9/2014 - 1/8/2014

Some big wins! 31/7/2014 - 1/5/2014

$2,264.20 Golden Slipper Stakes First Four 30/4/2014

Our Voodoo Prince $27.80 winner 31/3/2014

Lucky Lil returns on 22nd. February! 28/2/2014

An unusually quiet January and December 31/1/2014

A massive November: $51.00 winner tipped PLUS ratings find $19,048.40 First Four!!! 30/11/2013

$2,041.10 First Four tipped in tough month 31/10/2013

Some good betting value in September 30/9/2013

A massive month - Lucky Lil free tips give a $31.00 winner 31/8/2013

Lucky Lil tips more winners 31/7/2013

Lucky Lil's free tips win yet again - plus $1,022.60 Box 4 First Four 30/6/2013

Lucky Lil's free tips win again - plus $1,916.30 Box 4 First Four!! 31/5/2013

Ratings success - $4,411.50 Box 4 Trifecta!! 30/4/2013

A very quiet month 31/3/2013

Lucky Lil, Australia's best tipster, wins big again! 28/2/2013

Fantastic value - Lucky Lil's tips win big again 31/1/2013

A quiet 2 weeks - Longshoreman $17.20 value winner 31/12/2012

More big winners - $1,087.90 Box 4 First Four - 30/11/2012

A big winning month - Dunaden $15.00 Caulfield Cup winner tipped and MUCH MORE 31/10/2012

Another big collect - $2,132.40 Box 4 First Four 30/9/2012

Box 4 Trifectas win again 31/8/2012

Big winning month - $3,555.30 Box 4 First Four and $1,316.70 Box 4 Trifecta 31/7/2012

An interesting betting month 30/6/2012

May was a tough betting month for punters 31/5/2012

Some excellent box 4 trifectas tipped 30/4/2012

More value winning horses tipped 31/3/2012

Ratings tip plenty of big value winners 29/2/2012

Good value bets to finish the month 31/1/2012

We finish 2011 with some nice big winning collects 31/12/2011

Melbourne Cup Winner Dunaden Tipped plus big value winners 30/11/2011

Value winners in a tough month for punters 31/10/2011

$18,833.90 First Four plus fantastic value winners 30/9/2011

Some good value winners this month 31/8/2011

Glaneuse $35.20 Top Four winning bet 31/7/2011

Irish Love $25.90 & more betting value odds winners 30/6/2011

Plenty of scratchings made May a tough betting month 31/5/2011

Golden Slipper Day value winners 30/4/2011

A rain affected month 31/3/2011

$15,236.20 Box 5 First Four 28/2/2011

Good winners at double figure odds 31/1/2011

De Arias wins at $19.70 31/12/2010

Melbourne Cup betting - wager for value 30/11/2010

Secret Admirer $21.00 & That's Not It $20.00 value winners 31/10/2010

Value Box 5 first fours 30/9/2010

Kneel And Raise $26.00 - another big winning bet 31/8/2010

Big Steel $47.50 fantastic Top Two value winning horse racing bet 31/7/2010

The ratings resume with a bang 30/6/2010

The ratings take a break after two weeks in May 31/5/2010

$1,557.40 Box 4 winning first four 30/4/2010

Rock Classic $18.00 plus $5,975.50 top 5 winning first four 31/3/2010

$2,986.30 top four winning first four collect 28/2/2010

Oopsy Doopsy $31.00 winner - $9,524.90 top five winning first four collect 31/1/2010

Danzylum $17.90 winner - $3,945.80 top four winning first four collect 31/12/2009

Uncle Jan $46.50 winner PLUS $47,105 banker first four 30/11/2009

Efficient $32.00 winner - more big value winning bets 31/10/2009

More big value winning bets - $11,384.40 winning UniTab top five first four 30/9/2009

More winning value bets - $7,275.40 winning top five first four 31/8/2009

More winning value bets - $7,157.10 winning top five first four 31/7/2009

$7.026.60 winning top four first four 30/6/2009

An absolutely sensational winning day at the races! 31/5/2009

Big winners for value punters 30/4/2009

More value winners - $3,323.10 box five first four 31/3/2009

$2,558.20 box four first four 28/2/2009

Value bettors snare some nice wins 31/1/2009

Quiet end to the year 31/12/2008

Selective punters value 30/11/2008

Some big collects this month 31/10/2008

Top Rated Winners 35% strike rate this month 30/9/2008

43 Top Two winners this month 31/8/2008

Plenty of winning bets 31/7/2008

Value winners 30/6/2008

Romping - $18.90 winner on top 31/5/2008

Ready To Lift $31.70 value winner 30/4/2008

Great $13.00 winners on top 31/3/2008

Wave The Dollar - $19.50 winner on top 29/2/2008

Plenty of January winning bets 31/1/2008

More great winners on top 31/12/2007

Distant Melody $49.90 winner! 30/11/2007

Another $13.00 winner on top 31/10/2007

Big winners! More winners! Big winners! 30/9/2007

A new era starts. See above!

Silver Specials excellent profit month 31/7/2007

Too many seconds this month 30/6/2007

Another big winning month 31/5/2007

Some big winning collects in April 30/4/2007

Horse racing carnival betting 31/3/2007

February's winning wagers 28/2/2007

Gold Specials & Top Rated Specials make money 31/1/2007

The internet's number one horse racing tipping service 31/12/2006

Silver Specials win big 30/11/2006

The internet's number one horse racing tipping service 31/10/2006

Gold Specials 56% profit on turnover in September! 30/9/2006

Gold Specials 47% profit on turnover last six months! 31/8/2006

Selective bets - more strong results 31/7/2006

Gold Specials - racing profits 30/6/2006

Gold Specials make 137% profit on turnover in May! 31/5/2006

We give a token few units back - we'll accept that 30/4/2006

Gold Specials 418% & 319% profit on turnover - another massive winning month! 31/3/2006

Gold Specials - 42% profit on turnover last six months! 28/2/2006

Solid winning start to 2006 31/1/2006

Christmas bonus - another winning month 31/12/2005

Gold Specials 196% profit on turnover 30/11/2005

Plenty of winners 31/10/2005

Gold Specials win big every Saturday in September:
75% POT, 300%% POT, 89% POT and 74% POT 30/9/2005

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