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30/6/2009 edition

Value Winning Bets
$7,026.60 Top Four First 4!

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Saturday, 27 June, 2009
Due to sudden circumstances beyond our control we were unfortunately unable to provide information for the 27th. June.

Saturday, 20 June, 2009

Some good value with the highlight being a brilliant top four first four!! We rated 11 races from Eagle Farm, Moonee Valley and Randwick with six of these races being from the tough Eagle Farm Carnival meeting. There were two winners on top and four winners in the top two.

Here are value winners with bookmaker/tote odds available:

Top rated winners:
Awimoweh $7.50 at Moonee Valley.
Mr Unforgettable $3.80 at Randwick in a field of 10.

Second rated winners:
Battlefield $7.00 at Eagle Farm.

Third rated winner:
News Alert $12.60 at Eagle Farm.

Trifectas and first fours:
The huge highlight was the $7,026.60 first four Eagle Farm R5 from the top 4!!
The $311.80 trifecta from the same race was in the top three.
The $242.00 trifecta - Moonee Valley R3 - was also in the top three with the top rated horse winning!

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Saturday, 13 June, 2009

It was an excellent day for value winners. We rated nine races from Rosehill and Sandown with three winners on top and six winners in the top two. We left alone the main Queensland meeting, which was held at Ipswich.

Here are value winners with bookmaker/tote odds available:

Top rated winners:
Benelli $5.50 at Sandown.
Trustus $4.00 at Sandown.

Second rated winners:
Border Rebel $10.00 at Rosehill.
Wealthy Lad $8.00 at Sandown.

Third/fourth rated winners:
Inkster $13.30 at Sandown.

Trifectas and first fours:
Some interesting plays during the day.
$12,761.50 first four Sandown R8 (2x7x7x7 combination.)
$2,838.80 first four Sandown R6 (top rated winning, 2nd. to 4th. in the ratings.)
The $56.00 trifecta - Sandown R5 - was in rated order.

Saturday, 6 June, 2009
No information as per normal due to the public holiday long weekend.

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Please note:
We also provide guidelines to new members on using our betting information for first fours and trifecta betting.

In our newsletters here we have at times indicated how some first fours and trifectas could have been obtained. However on racedays some judgement and skill are needed for this.

For example the same betting method will not work each race, such as boxing selections, or taking the top horse as a standout to win. Some races will also need to be avoided because the odds are not there.

Even with good information playing trifectas and first fours is not a licence to print money. Intelligent use of the information and a lot of discipline is required.

While there can be substantial collects for relatively small outlays there can also be long runs of outs with various betting methods used.

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