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30/6/2010 edition

The Ratings Resume With a Bang

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After a breakl of a month the ratings resumed for two good weeks in June.

Saturday, 26 June, 2010
We rated 21 races from Randwick, Flemington and Eagle Farm for 15 Top Four winners.

Here are Top Four winners with bookmaker or tote odds of $4.00 or better available. If the horse won after R4 we'll indicate with R5+, otherwise the horse won in the first four races of the day:

Tightrope $13.90 at Eagle Farm
Letchworth $13.00 at Randwick (R5+)
Riceman $7.00 at Flemington (R5+)
Altered Boy $6.50 at Randwick
Midnight Glory $6.00 at Flemington
Servant $6.00 at Flemington
Alittlebitofmonica $5.00 at Randwick
Pennacchio $4.60 at Eagle Farm (R5+)
The Handsome One $4.60 at Flemington
Melito $4.00 at Eagle Farm (R5+)
Woorim $4.00 at Eagle Farm

First Fours, Trifectas:
Again it was not the most suitable betting day for decent collects. Some collects available were:
$2,357.10 first four (top 6) Randwick R7
$485.80 first four (top 4) Randwick R4.

Saturday, 19 June, 2010
We left the Ipswich meeting alone and rated 12 races from Rosehill and Sandown for nine Top Four winners.

My Vegas $18.60 at Rosehill (R5+)
Break Card $4.60 at Rosehill (R5+)
Ironstein $4.60 at Rosehill (R5+)
Oak Heart $4.20 at Sandown (R5+)

Members using the ratings looking for longshots may have had a few dollars on Pinnacles $21.40 which won R6 at Sandown.

First Fours, Trifectas etc.:
With many small fields not suitable for this sort of betting collects were small.
At Sandown R5 the top 3 made the trifecta which paid $70.40.
There was a $116.40 exacta (top 4) at Rosehill R7.

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Recent months:
The ratings take a break after two weeks in May 31/5/2010
$1,557.40 Box 4 winning first four 30/4/2010
Rock Classic $18.00 plus $5,975.50 Top 5 winning first four 31/3/2010
$2,986.30 top four winning first four bet 28/2/2010
Oopsy Doopsy $31.00 winner - $9,524.90 top five winning first four bet 31/1/2010
Danzylum $17.90 winner - $3,945.80 top four winning first four bet 31/12/2009
Uncle Jan $46.50 winner PLUS $47,105 banker first four 30/11/2009
Efficient - $32.00 horse racing winner value bet 31/10/2009
$11,384.40 winning UniTab top five first four 30/9/2009
$7,275.40 winning top five first four 31/8/2009
$7,157.10 winning top five first four 31/7/2009
$7,026.60 winning top four first four 30/6/2009

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Please note:
We also provide guidelines to new members on using our betting information for first fours and trifecta betting.

In our newsletters here we have at times indicated how some first fours and trifectas could have been obtained. However on racedays some judgement and skill are needed for this.

For example the same betting method will not work each race, such as boxing selections, or taking the top horse as a standout to win. Some races will also need to be avoided because the odds are not there.

Even with good information playing trifectas and first fours is not a licence to print money. Intelligent use of the information and a lot of discipline is required.

While there can be substantial collects for relatively small outlays there can also be long runs of outs with various betting methods used.

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