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28/2/2015 edition

Lucky Lil's Tips

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Lucky Lil's Tips

Saturday, 17 January
, 2015 - 28 February, 2015
We resumed from our end of year/New Year break on Saturday, 17th. January, 2015.

We were temporarily unable to provide our Free Top Four Ratings, however we were still able to provide free tips from Lucky Lil.

Here are winners found by Lucky Lil with minimum bookmaker or tote odds of $4.00 or better available:

Sweet And Speedy $20.00
Thinkhesaurus $16.80
Heart Smart $10.70

Tycoon Tara $7.00
Caellum $6.80
Contributer $5.70
Coolring $4.10
Red Excitement $4.00

Here are tips from Lucky Lil that ran a big race:

Who Shot Thebarman $61.00 beaten by just 1.4 lengths
Da Paolini $51.00 missed a place by less than half a length
Turning Tables $31.00 4th., missing a place by a half length
Sweet Emily $20.00 3rd.
Smartested $17.00 3rd.
Minnesinger $12.30 2nd. by a short half head
Board Director $11.00 3rd.
Elmantosh $11.00 3rd.
Harvey's True Heart $11.00 3rd.
Harrier Jet $9.50 3rd.
Choose $9.00 2nd. by a neck
Craiglea Wandoo $9.00 2nd. by a long neck
Laohu $8.00 2nd. by a nose
Tuscan Fire $8.00 3rd.
Mahican $7.00 2nd. by a short half head
Breakfast In Bed $7.00 2nd.
Gingerboy $6.50 2nd. by a long head
One With Bling $6.50 2nd.
Adorabeel $4.40 2nd. by a neck

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While there can be substantial collects for relatively small outlays there can also be long runs of outs with various betting methods used.

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