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18/5/2001 Edition No. 17

Value Blackjack Side-Bets


Most blackjack side-bets are a money making scam for the casino. However, we have discovered two such bets that can be backed occasionally by the astute card-counter.

Perth’s Wheel of Madness and Adelaide’s Madness 21 are similar $1 punts that your hand will be blackjack. Investigation has determined they give an average pay-out of $16.093. At a True Count greater that plus three blackjacks occur slightly more often than 1 in 16, so this is when the side-bet should be taken.

Coincidentally, this is the same point that we take an insurance bet, but we need to remember to place this bet before the hand! This insurance bet is of course invalid for Perth tables with continuous shuffle machines.

We have confirmed rumours that there are now more blackjack tables at Crown. While wandering throughout the main floors we counted five more tables than existed previously. Strangely, there were few counters to be seen, but heaps of security guards hanging about at the World of Intimidation. Perhaps another rounding up of undesirables has recently occurred?


Hi-Lo may be the most simple of the balanced counts, but it could also have its drawbacks. Because of its popularity, knowledgeable pit-crew and surveillance may be monitoring this particular count closely. An experienced counter using the more difficult Wong’s halves count:
2, 7 = +0.5
3, 4, 6 = +1
5 = +1.5
9 = -0.5
10, A = -1
has a slightly higher expectation and possibly more camouflage. We have found from experience that players using Hi-Lo are getting restricted more often than those using other counts.

Remember, your ‘act’ should match the clothes you wear at a casino. It is pointless to be dressed in suit and tie if you’re busy telling everyone you’re here for the footy. Also, if you regularly play black chips at your local casino, you will stick out like a sore thumb if you always dress shabbily in jeans and t-shirt.


Two Casino owners were having dinner together and one of them said to the other "I like the uncertainty of owning a Casino...Some days you make a million dollars and other days you make even more!"

News 11/5/2001

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