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22/4/2001 Edition No. 15

Survive as a Card Counter


Opinion has been divided recently as to the best way to tackle the largest of Australia’s casinos, Crown.

Some Blackjack players (exploiters) subscribe to the ‘Wonging’ theory; standing around back-counting and only diving in (often opening-up and eating cards) once the game is in their favour. Others (purists) believe they are less obvious if they adopt the ‘Play-all’ method, giving away some of their advantage playing in negative situations.

We believe the situation determines the method.

Crown was once a haven for Blackjack players, with plenty of tables and minimal heat encouraging a pure game for the most part. Today, with players crowded onto forever diminishing numbers of tables, a dog-eat-dog atmosphere exists and deserves more of the exploiting method.

Despite what you might believe is the ‘right’ way to play, there is one certainty.

Both methods are doomed to failure if you spend enough time hitting Crown exclusively. Card-counters are fooling themselves if they believe they are continually invisible to surveillance, no matter how good their camouflage play and "act".

Crown and other casinos may seem to be "generous" by not restricting you as a counter straight away. In fact, they are banking that you are amongst the majority of attempting counters who either over-bet and blow their bankroll, lack the required discipline or simply make too many mistakes in their play. Once Crown determine that you are here to stay as a long-term winner, making reasonable money, your Blackjack days are numbered.

The best solution is to not be "seen" too often. With cheap travel and accommodation deals going around, there is no excuse for the Blackjack professional to play at their home-town casino exclusively until they are restricted. With a little investigation, you may be able to find and join one of the groups of gamblers currently being comped by some Australian casinos. If you are playing amongst a group of high-rolling losers, your $100 - $400 bets soon become insignificant.


Keep a detailed record of your Blackjack results. It is important to accurately record all dates, wins and losses, hours played (or number of shoes) and any other pertinent information regarding playing conditions, heat, etc. This will allow you to determine an hourly win-rate (hopefully!) and plan trips away to the best casinos, at spaced-out intervals. When you hit the inevitable tough times, an excel graph of results helps put the temporary down-turn into perspective.

Best of betting!

News 8/4/2001

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