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25/2/2001 Edition No. 11

Country Club Casino


Country Club Casino, Launceston

Our most recent interstate excursion took us to Launceston, Northern Tasmania. The least expensive option (for mainlanders) is to take the Devil Cat catamaran (six hours and $120 each way) from Port Melbourne arriving in Georgetown, for a short bus connection to the city. Good value accommodation and food can be found throughout Launceston, as well as a $2.00 bus service dropping you at the casino door.

The Country Club Casino is positioned 15 minutes outside the city centre and is a classy establishment with a dress standard after 7:00pm. Although this casino belongs to the same company, Federal Group, we found a very different attitude towards card-counters when compared to Hobart. If a ‘play-all’ (no-back-counting) method of play was adopted, dealers and other pit-crew were very friendly and respected our skill.

Most of the dealers count cards themselves, (some whilst dealing), and realise we only make money in the long haul, after plenty of trauma and setbacks are experienced.

A major change took place for Blackjack during our stay. One of Australia’s last remaining six deck games, fell in line with all other casinos outside Queensland, and became an eight deck monster. It was amusing to see the dealers struggle to hold and shuffle all the decks. A second half-way cutting card was introduced causing even more confusion. Unfortunately, Pontoon is on the agenda soon, so the three to five tables currently running may be further reduced.


In a large casino such as Crown or Star City, it is a good idea to vacate a table following a big betting plunge. It looks quite normal to leave in disgust after a suffering a loss. After a good win, a comment such as, "Finally I got my money back!", tends to sit easily in the minds of the pit-crew, when they’re watching you pocketing stacks of chips.

The object is to not be placed under scrutiny by playing shoe after shoe on the same table and be easily identified as a long-term winner. Smaller casinos obviously require a different tactic. Following a reasonable winning shoe, it is good to bet big "off the top" of the next shoe for two or three hands, before dropping to the usual minimum. Supervisors are trained to look for players betting big at the end of shoes, so this tactic may throw them off their guard. Unfortunately, overbetting during a negative expectation game costs you real money, so be sure not to overdo it, thereby taking away all of your long-term advantage!

Best of betting!

News 4/02/2001

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