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30/9/2001 Edition No.20

Online Blackjack:


On our recent visits to Tasmania, we have found table games to be in a sad state. Launceston and Hobart casinos have basically given up on the high-roller dollars. At most there are three or four tables operating on a Friday and Saturday night and poker machines with their low overheads have invaded the main floor.

Some staff have privately told us they want to move to the mainland and start playing on our side of the table!

Blackjack rules have also changed in the last month.
Tasmania now has the same eight deck, double on hard 9,10,11 game that exists in most other Australian casinos. Splitting to make three hands and losing original and busted bets continues as the rule.

If Australia follows the USA as usual, legal online casino gaming based in states outside the Northern Territory may soon exist. A court decision has opened the door for Nevada casinos to operate online gaming within the law. It was decided that all forms of gambling other than sports betting was allowable through controlled websites.

MGM, owner of a huge Las Vegas complex (and the Darwin Casino), is first cab off the rank with a site up and running. Other states will follow this precedent, not wanting to miss out on a tax opportunity. Obviously we do not condone Blackjack being played in this non-transparent, random and insidious form.

Most of you will be aware that the VCGA is now conducting a review into the rules of Blackjack. Our submission was thoughtfully and honestly put together, offering a peaceful resolution to the historical "casino versus card-counter" situation. We are aware that many of you (our subscribers) also wrote submissions and are interested in swapping notes. Email your work and we will return email ours to you.


A dispute arose recently on a blackjack table requiring a video replay decision from upstairs surveillance.

An animated gambler on the last box had a 13 versus the dealer’s 2, and had thrown his hands up in despair simultaneously asking the table what he should do? The dealer, who was dealing at a million miles per hour, took his hand signal as a "sit" and proceeded to deal a 2,2,3 and 10 to herself: a 19 taking down the whole table, including a couple of 17s with huge bets out.

The players were asked to "stretch their legs", as there was going to be a wait on the verdict. Mr Excitable on the last box then proceeded to remove his leg and stand it up on the table!! After the commotion subsided, the unfortunate decision was in the casino’s favour this time.

Best of betting!

News 8/8/2001

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