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22/3/2002 Edition No.25

Small Casinos
Crying Poor!


Our playing and coaching over the past two years have taken us to every casino in Australia. Most of the smaller casinos are crying poor and cutting back on the number of blackjack tables they have opened. They quote staff costs, internet gambling and poker machines as reasons for table closures. A closer inspection, however, reveals a different story.

For many years casinos have relied too much on cash injections from overseas high-rollers and have not paid attention to the local punter. Now the glamorous visitors have disappeared and the locals have been burnt out. A lot of work is needed to attract a new younger generation to the thrills of table games.

After suggestions that our website and newsletter were directly(!) responsible for Crown’s latest blackjack cut, might we make the following observations? (Tongue placed firmly in cheek).

Paying 3/2 for blackjack and sitting on soft 17 are very generous rules on the part of Crown. Under the rules of blackjack at the VCGA website, there are optional table layouts for blackjack to pay 1-1 and dealer to draw on soft 17. Surely this is a more profitable option and won’t affect turnover one iota?

While we are fantasising, let’s imagine treating all people equally.

Imagine a famous sports star or actor who decides to put in a little effort to learn card-counting and uses his/her sizeable bankroll to good effect. (It will happen one day). Any casino would, of course, immediately treat them like any other patron playing in that manner. They would be restricted in their blackjack play and if found persisting, be escorted from the premises. The bad publicity and media attention would not be a consideration.

Yeah Right !!


Over the past month, White Knight has received many inquiries in regards to our blackjack coaching.

We are running a weekend course in Melbourne designed to give you all the information you need to become a long-term winner at the game.

The cost is $500 (GST inclusive) and will be run on Saturday 13th. and Sunday 14th. April. Material covered will include basic strategy, card-counting and bankroll concepts, camouflage and finding the best game. You will also receive a copy of the course notes, practice sheets, timed tests and ongoing support.

Please reply email with contact details to book a spot. We will send you details of class location and exact times.

Best of Betting!


News 8/2/2002

White Knight Blackjack Coaching will help you achieve your goal of beating the casinos with easy to understand courses:
Group and Individual. Click the links below for more information.

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