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25/1/2004 Edition No.33

Adelaide and Crown Casino
Blackjack Playing Conditions


On a recent trip to Adelaide we found good conditions, despite a cut approaching two decks. Sky City is probably the only Australian casino that hasn’t experimented with the dreaded pontoon. In fact, from Thursday to Sunday nights there are plenty of low-minimum blackjack tables ($15 or less) with enough customers to produce a tidy house profit. Table-hopping is the ideal counter technique with new shuffles happening all the time. Pontoon, or Spanish 21 as it is known in the United States, has died a natural death there as it will eventually in Australia.

Crown appears to be going through another period of flushing out "undesirables". We have received emails about and personally witnessed a casino policy of intimidation; using security personnel to enforce player restrictions. Management are well aware that advantage players are not cheats; however for reasons known only to them, they relay the cheating myth to security. Obviously this misinformation has the potential to lead to a violent confrontation.

A reminder is also needed that Crown’s main floors are part of the "public domain". This was decreed by the Victorian State Government when the non-smoking policy began. Therefore, according to legal advice received, law-abiding patrons cannot be trespassed!

Card-Counter Etiquette

There are a number of rules which should be followed by card-counters trying to avoid scrutiny or bringing attention to other advantage players or generally upsetting tables (especially with high-rollers) which provide the casinos and indirectly, our profits:

  1. Attempt to memorise the faces of all other counters. This is not as difficult as you might think!
  2. Take note if another counter is already back-counting from the start of a shoe and he or she was there before you. Move on if that is the case. Clear your throat if you were there first in case the other counter has not noticed you.
  3. Give special consideration to "play-all" counters and steer well clear; they deserve respect for risking a larger bankroll than an equivalent back-counter.
  4. Try to avoid back-betting other counters or suddenly opening up multiple boxes to an extent which looks obvious or ridiculous to you. Treat surveillance with a little respect!
  5. Even before opening up against ploppies, try to wait for a couple of dealer wins so that it looks natural to change the mythical "flow of the cards".
  6. Avoid verbal contact with other advantage players, even on a mobile or in another language that may be recognised by staff.
  7. Don’t "run away" too quickly after a big shoe giving credence to the misguided floor staff view that counters are thieves.
  8. Thank the dealer when you leave a table: win, lose or draw!

Good cards and more in 2004 (Year of the Monkey).


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