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9/4/2004 edition

Craig Newitt Suspension

Here is what Matt Stewart wrote in the Herald Sun, Wednesday, April 7, 2004.

"Plain truth about telling lies

If you believe Craig Newitt and his co-conspirators were harshly dealt with by Racing Victoria stewards last week, you're living in a dream world.

According to the official stewards' report, Newitt and company lied and lied and lied; on 42 occasions they conspired to give false evidence to the inquiry into all circumstances surrounding the running of Leone Chiara in the Highways Tabaret Handicap at Sandown on November 15.

Chief steward Des Gleeson concluded the group's lies were premeditated. If you think telling a porkie to stewards is a less serious offence than tubing a horse and receiving three months - Newitt was given 18 months - you have no grasp of the extremely serious nature of this case."

Hear! Hear! Well done Matt Stewart. We need clean racing and the confidence to select horses and back those horses knowing that the racing is clean. At the time we were puzzled by the ride on Leone Chiara, but said no more. Leone Chiara had been given out as a Super Special bet to our members. It looked a standout, but never even got into the race. Our Super Specials do have 21 winners from 38 bets, so we do know what we are talking about.

It was also very interesting that Craig Newitt, who had been heavily promoted by leading trainer Lee Freedman, who had even given plum rides, suddenly was dropped by that trainer around the same time.

Newitt rode at Sandown last Saturday on a stay of proceedings. In the last race of the day he finished fourth on Roll On Royce, beaten half a length out of third. The stewards noted:

"C. Newitt, rider of Roll On Royce, 4th. placegetter was reprimanded and notified he must ensure he rides all his mounts out to the end of the race. Stewards do not believe C. Newitt's actions affected the result of the race."

In the previous race Newitt was on the solidly supported $2.60 favourite Love's Here which weakened out of the race and finished eighth of the ten runners. The stewards report went:

"C. Newitt rider of Love's Here which performed below expectations stated that the mare had to work in the early stages to get to the lead, but then travelled well in front. The mare did not feel comfortable on the track after straightening and failed to respond to his riding over the concluding stages but felt normal on pulling up. A veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormality."

What interested us when watching the race was why Newitt covered ground by taking Love's Here away from the rails in the home straight. There was nothing wrong with the rails and the leading horses in that race came on the inside. Based on the stewards report maybe that was because the mare was not feeling comfortable and not responding to his riding.

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