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11/2/2005 edition

Horse Racing Software Program

An easy fortune made from home.

Promises. Promises. Promises.

We wonder how many people would be tempted to purchase by the advertising below?

Of course it's too good to be true.
Of course the testimonials are not credible.
Of course it won't work.

Dobbin's Treasure Chest

Turn your dreams into your future!

Would you like a guaranteed income with no effort? Don't we all!

So let us show you how you can have:

1. $100,000 guaranteed minimum annual income

2. It's tax free

3. Work from home

4. Work your own hours


Not when you use Dobbin's Treasure Chest. What you ask is Dobbin's Treasure Chest? Let us tell you. Dobbin's Treasure Chest is the most sophisticated, intelligent, betting software ever invented.

Dobbin's Treasure Chest has been plundering millions and millions of dollars from horse racing tote pools, making its fortunate users wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Now you can join this select goup of insider investors. You don't even need to know the first thing about horse racing.

Dobbin's Treasure Chest does all the work for you.

Why, you ask, is Dobbin's Treasure Chest the most sophisticated, intelligent, betting software ever invented?

Professor Heinrich Grindel, who has been involved in top secret gammel ray research, led the team that invented Dobbin's Treasure Chest.

"What has that got to do with horse racing?" you ask. Let us tell you. A horse not only needs the right form and needs to look good to win, but a horse also needs to feel in the right mood to win a race. A horse that doesn't want to win a race will make sure it won't win. It might refuse to enter the barriers. It might miss the start. It could even buckjump once the race has started. Too bad if you've got your money on that horse when it doesn't want to win the race.

After Dobbin's Treasure Chest has isolated a bet, before automatically placing the bet for you, using its unique gammel ray technology, communication is made with the horse. Dobbin's Treasure Chest can actually talk to the horse, and get straight from the horse's mouth whether it is set to win the coming race.

An absolutely remarkable achievement, thanks to Professor Grindel.

Here is what some of Dobbin's Treasure Chest users have to say:

"Dobbin's Treasure Chest sounded like a fantasy to me, something out of science fiction. But I was desperate. I was out of work. The bills were mounting. I couldn't pay them. I'd even had the gas cut off the day before. That meant no cooking, no heating and no hot water. And it was the middle of winter. So I decided to give Dobbin's Treasure Chest a go. Talk to the horses? I thought I needed my head read after I took out the loan to buy Dobbin's Treasure Chest. Yes, they even arranged finance for me. With enough left over so I also had a betting bank! It was the best investment I ever made. It's turned my life around. Every word is true! Dobbin's Treasure Chest's amazing technology has crashed through the human/horse language barrier. I've turned a bank of just $400 into $579,235 dollars in two years."
Colin L., Swiddernbern.

"Now I'll only bet on horses that I know are in the right mood to win. Thanks to Dobbin's Treasure Chest's gammel ray technology every horse backed gives me a genuine run for my money. I expect every bet to win. Most do. I've turned a bank of $2,000 into more than one million dollars in 18 months."
Jenny T, housewife, Kanneroo.

For more details, including a real life money demonstration with a 100% profit guarantee, please contact Mr. Graham Ed.

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