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17/9/2004 edition

Best Tote for Punters

95% to 98% of tote pools returned to punters!

AusTOTE offers a safe and legitimate alternative to punters who are fed up with paying substantial commissions to totalisators.

Why should punters be left with only 85% of the pool just so the TABs can maintain huge profits? AusTOTE deducts only 2% to 5%, leaving successful punters with 95% or more of the entire pool. There's just no comparison. See for yourself.

Have a look at these dividends from the Manikato Stakes Day meeting held at Moonee Valley on Saturday, 11th. September, and the meeting held at Rosehill on the same day.

You'll see the highest and lowest dividends punters got betting on the other TABs compared with the AusTOTE's dividends after a deduction of just 5% commission, not around 15% like on other totes.

AusTOTE: $5.08
Other TABs: $3.60 - $3.80

AusTOTE: $3.65
Other TABs: $3.20 - $3.30

Besame Mucho
AusTOTE: $2.89
Other TABs: $2.40 - $2.50

AusTOTE: $3.61
Other TABs: $2.70 - $3.20

Lord Volksraad
AusTOTE: $5.89
Other TABs: $4.80 - $5.60

AusTOTE: $13.87
Other TABs: $10.90 - $11.50

Punters, you can see the difference these dividends will make to your results when dividends are based on a pool takeout of no more than 5%. That sure beats around 15% from other tote pools.

Further reductions in the AusTOTE commission to just 2% can be achieved! That will increase the AusTOTE dividends given above.

Click here to find out anything else you need to know including how to open an account and bet on AusTOTE.

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