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18/7/2003 edition

"Making Money Is Easy"

Why is it that countless numbers of people, without putting in any serious quality time for form analysis, regularly go to their TABs, PubTabs, racetracks, place bets over the phone or internet and expect to make money with their selections?

Here is what regular Forum contributor "osulldj" has to say about that in a post on the 15th. July 2003.

"...Racing is no different to any other pursuit in life. To be successful you must have:

1. Knowledge
2. Skill
3. Mental attitude (to apply yourself correctly)

However I am continually amazed at people who think they can be successful in this game without any of these three qualities.

Most people are competent and successful in their job, whether they are a plumber, electrician, builder, accountant, computer operator, supermarket cashier etc.

Why is this the case?

Because they have the required knowledge (they know what to do), they have the required skill (they know how to do it) and they have the right attitude (they want to do it). Could you imagine a plumber being successful if he lacked any of these three qualities?

Why is racing any different?

What logic could anyone have for thinking they could be successful and make money without the required knowledge and skill when it comes to racing, let alone attitude?

A harsh but honest question all punters should ask themselves is:

"What knowledge and skill do I have about racing and punting that makes me think I can win?"

Think of it in terms of your current job. Does your knowledge and skill of racing and punting match that?

If you can't answer this question confidently then I can guarantee you will never win. Sure you can gain a lot of enjoyment from racing but it will come at a cost with varying degress of loss on your turnover.

There is nothing wrong with that as all forms of entertainment involve a cost. However the punter needs to be clear that without a high level of knowledge and skill, racing becomes a hobby and entertaining pastime, not a serious money making pursuit."

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