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21/1/2005 edition

Horse Racing Betting System

Promises. Promises. Promises.

We wonder how many people would be tempted to purchase by the advertising below?

Of course it's too good to be true.
Of course the money back guarantee isn't worth the paper it's written on.
Of course it won't work

.Your Dreams Come True
Goblin's Wishing Well

Sick of working for a boss? You know the routine. Long hours five days a week for poor pay. Week after week after week after week. In the meantime your boss is living it up on Easy Street. Flash car. Vaucluse or Toorak mansion. Maybe both!

Life's too short not to be enjoyed. So get out of your daily rut. Take control of your life. You can. Make your wildest wishes and dreams come true. It's so easy with Goblin's Wishing Well, the most sensational horse racing betting system ever released to the public.

Goblin's Wishing Well revolutionises horse selection using never before discovered form factors that have been thoroughly tested in over 100,000 races.

Goblin's Wishing Well is so powerfully unique that you will have to sign a statutory declaration before purchase where YOU GUARANTEE not to reveal the rules or selections to anyone.

See for yourself. Look at the last 20 Saturday bets.

18th. December, 2004
Make Me A Miracle 1st. $19.10
Mustard 1st. $10.40
Dunes 1st. $16.90

Noodle Night 2nd.

11th. December, 2004
Play To Win 1st. $11.50
Quillon 1st. $10.40
Inuit 1st. $12.00

Jump The Queue 1st. $10.90

4th. December, 2004
Black Ink 2nd.
Tiger Connected 1st. $30.50
Undulate 2nd.
Brother Of Danny 1st. $10.70

27th. November, 2004
Almost Never 1st. $8.60
Active Combat 1st. $11.70
Medieval Legend 1st. $8.00

Happier 3rd.

20th. November, 2004
Western Brace 1st. $21.10
Lots Of Swing 1st. $32.80
Don't Tell Tom 1st. $15.90

Not That Innocent 2nd.

When you invest in Goblin's Wishing Well you will be given one year's full past results.

With a 200% money back guarantee that you will find all those past results 100% correct based on the simple to follow Goblin's Wishing Well selection rules.

$100 to $1,250,000.50

In the last 12 months a $100 starting bank was turned into one million, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and 50 cents.

Goblin's Wishing Well is given to you with a conservative guarantee that you will turn a starting bank of $100 into at least $250,000 after one year. If not you will be given a full money back refund. (Of course you need to provide evidence that you have bet on all the Goblin's Wishing Well selections for 12 months and correctly used the staking method to the letter for 12 months.)

How much does an investment in Goblin's Wishing Well cost? Just $550 including GST.

Just $550 to build a new life for yourself. Just $550 will make you financially independent. But you'll need to be very quick. Goblin's Wishing Well is only available to the first 1,000 astute investors.

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Punt to Win 14/1/2005
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Caffe Francais 16.30 26.40 $101
Banned 11.10 18.05 $69
Connoisseur 7.10 12.00 $49
Squad 5.70 10.65 $49

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