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21/6/2002 edition

Biased Track
Punters Destroyed

Last Wednesday the Melbourne Racing Club held a race meeting at Sandown after a meeting had been held there the previous Saturday, only four days earlier.

The rail was moved out from two metres to five metres. That did not help. There were big fields and the races were biased lotteries.

Horses racing anywhere near the rails were disadvantaged by lengths. With big fields many horses were caught near the rails in the straight and that is where they stayed. Swoopers finishing wide down the straight had a field day.

The racing was so biased that unheralded 5YO gelding Freegold, a winner of six races from 42 starts, could lead the 2230 Class 6 Handicap, set a brisk pace, end up on the outside rail in the home straight and still win by eight lengths.

The last meeting held at the Melbourne Racing Club's Caulfield track was on Sunday 2 June. The next meeting will not be held there until Sunday 30 June. Surely having Wednesday's Sandown meeting at Caulfield made much more sense from a track wear and tear and bias point of view rather than racing at Sandown twice in five days.

The table below gives you the winners in race order, tote odds available and trifecta payouts. For the vast majority of punters it was an absolute disaster.

Tote Odds
Trifecta Odds
Purely Academic
Born To Dream
Zero Isle
Rocky Glen

As for form, the meeting can only be used for two things:
1. Sandown is a specialists' track, though bias can wreck many specialists on the day. But horses that ran well are future potential winners at the track.
2. Many horses will be fitter for the run, irrespective of where they finished.

As for anything else, you can put a big red line through the entire meeting when doing your form. Many horses beaten five to 10 lengths had their chances wrecked because of the track bias.

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Punt to Win 14/6/2002
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