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26/11/2005 edition

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Bet different, bet smart

If you are serious about winning at horse racing then you must get an edge. To get an edge at horse racing you must bet differently from the majority of punters. If you consistently bet like the majority of punters then you will get their results which are long term losses.

One way you can get an edge is by looking at ways of selecting your bets that the majority of punters dismiss. Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Betting first up horses

We are all told to back horses first up that have proven first up form, that have previously won first up. So how about looking at horses that have not previously won first up. Enough of them come out and win first up - and often at good odds, too.

Check their previous first up runs. Sometimes you'll find a poor run or two because of unsuitable track conditions. The horse may have run over an unsuitable distance for it first up - or even in much better class.

Sometimes first up runs out of a place and beaten a few lengths will be good enough form to win today's race first up. But punters will dismiss the horse because they see it has only placed once from five first up starts. That means better odds for you.

2. Betting horses from wide barriers

How often do you hear media tipsters dismiss a horse because of the wide barrier and go on to tip another horse to win the race? It happens all the time. Well, punters are just the same. Most punters automatically dismiss a horse that starts from a wide barrier.

So when you do your form assume a horse in a wide barrier is starting from a barrier like one or two. If you like it, then back it. The chances are you will get substantially better odds because of the wide barrier which will more than make up for the slightly lower win strike rate these horses have.

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