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27/4/2013 edition

Who Follows these Media Horse Racing Tipsters?

Have you ever wondered if the racing media tipster you are listening to would have the ability to break anywhere near even on the punt, let alone make a profit wagering horses?

Comments like the following we have heard leave us with no doubt:

1. A tipster said:

"The stable is doing very well. I'm backing trainers now rather than horses because the horses have been letting me down."

At least he was honest enough with the admission of failure. Should you be wary of tips from someone who says that? Of course!

Would a real expert say that? Of course not!

As for knowing whether a stable has recently been "doing very well" - you can only know after the event - usually after an above average run of winners. It's then the cliched "mug punter" who starts backing that stable's horses, more often than not at poor odds and just as a prolonged losing run is about to hit.

2. When tipping a very ordinary 4YO gelding you'd expect some sort of logical reason based on form to be given by a racing media tipster.

Well this one's a beauty:

"...because for some strange reason I've developed an affinity for it."

I don't think we need to comment on whether that is a good reason or not for a media promoted horse racing "expert" to tip us a selection.

One of the most important investment rules is to never fall in love with your investments. Similarly with betting on horses: never fall in love with a horse (or develop "an affinity" for one.) That will most likely seriously disadvantage your selections, your betting and your wallet.

It's a worthwhile exercise recording any tipster giving you their tips and saying why they should win and then listening to those tips again after you know the race results. You then see everything they tell you with such "authority" from a much better perspective. It's also quite entertaining.

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