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31/1/2003 edition

Sky Racing:
John Tapp is Missed

John Tapp is missed as a host on the Sky Racing pay TV home service. Last Saturday Jo McKinnon hosted the show. Here are some of the bloopers she made:

1. Two minutes before the start of the third at Sandown she announced some "interesting betting news" and told viewers that "Gifted Royal's been best supported on track late... the horse is going for four straight wins."

She then told us of its wins, including informing us that Gifted Royal "went on to win a Pakenham Open Handicap over 1300 metres by 10 lengths."

She still hadn't realised after telling us its next win was in a Stony Creek Class 2. What's a Pakenham Open Handicap winner doing racing in a Class 2 race?

You see, Gifted Royal's 10 length win at Pakenham was in a picnic race.

A Pakenham picnic race is not a Pakenham Open Handicap.

In the Class 6 at Sandown Gifted Royal was backed in on track from $7.00 to $4.60. When Jo McKinnon told home viewers about the betting move it was already too late to get on. The odds had gone.

Gifted Royal, who only carried 51kg. at Sandown, had every chance, but typical of picnic horses in the city, weakened to finish last of the nine runners. I guess it's back to the picnics for this 5YO gelding, where he'll be able to carry 65kg. and win.

The best odds of $7.00 for Gifted Royal were unders. You should not take shortish odds about any horses coming to town after winning picnic races.
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