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11/3/2001 Edition No. 12

Crown Casino


We paid a brief visit to Crown during the Melbourne Grand Prix celebrations. It is amazing how small and almost unplayable this casino has become for the blackjack card-counter looking for reasonable turnover. A shortage of tables has forced the following procedure:

1.Look for blackjack (without continuous shuffler, not pontoon) table with only two or three players.

2.Start of shoe - check for ultra-paranoid supervisors and pit-bosses ready to ring surveillance for a promotion.

3.Look around for all other lurking counters ready to Wong in, gobbling up cards in positive situations.

4.Play and suddenly find yourself being back-betted to the table maximum for no reason other than you being recognised as a good player.

A couple of correspondents have told of similar experiences at Crown, where the table suffers ‘heat’ due to Wonging and back-betting. This appears to be unavoidable if we all want to make any money in the eight deck game. However, I am amazed that the team of players betting 2 X box maximums ($2000 per hand) is getting away with it without Crown taking action (you know who you are).

Good luck to them I say, but please have a little courtesy by not opening up against other strong players! I hope their bankroll is big enough and their only enemies are casino staff in the future.

More on the topic of continuous shufflers.

We noticed most dealers don’t always reintroduce discards after each hand. If a small number of cards have come out in a hand (ie: group of 10’s), they are less likely to put them back in the machine. If a large group of cards is dealt (ie: group of 2-6’s), they are more likely to be quickly reintroduced. Surely this has the effect of preferential shuffling? A larger negative expectation game with bigger casino profits is a result. Is this even legal?


The strength of a counter should not be judged on short-term results. The most accurate and natural counter may have bad cards over a period of a year, and be showing a loss! Conversely, a gambler may be telling the truth when he says he is winning over the past year.

If you are looking for a good player to join your team, it is best to test speed and accuracy in counting down a deck, out-tray estimation, true count conversion and bet-sizing and calmness under pressure. Honesty and modesty are positive personality traits in a team player.

Best of betting!

News 25/02/2001

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