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25/3/2001 Edition No. 13

Queensland Casinos


Recently our team travelled to Brisbane (Treasury) and the Gold Coast (Jupiters) to play some six deck blackjack. There are certainly more betting opportunities for the card-counter when compared to the more common eight deck game. We found the quick manual shuffle encouraged card-clumping which resulted in shoes finishing on high (or low) counts more than expected.

Heat was felt at Jupiters when we were having a "lucky" run. For a laugh, at the end of a massive negative shoe, we drew on hard 17 against the dealer’s ace. Crazily, a four followed by a six popped out, causing the pit crew to almost pass out! Not a great idea in retrospect.

Treasury Casino is a fantastic old building, which takes some navigating. Often you will be confused as to which direction you are facing and whether you have discovered all the gaming rooms yet. In contrast, Jupiters is modern and constantly expanding, with newly upgraded hotel rooms and nightclubs. A ‘Rewards’ card can be used on the table to earn points towards accommodation and food in both casinos.

For travel we recommend booking online with Virgin Blue.
An $11 train trip to the Gold Coast can be caught from Central Station, Brisbane.

A few correspondents have complained of conditions souring in New Zealand. We have heard stories of bad cuts, restrictions, crowded low-limit tables and pontoon proliferation. We plan to take a first hand look at the four South Island casinos and provide a Basic Strategy chart for pontoon playing, at least for camouflage.


We can learn a lot from any blackjack player, no matter how bad they are...


A roulette table in the Treasury high-roller area needed to be closed recently. The reason? An in-house guest had left their bath running, flooding their room, and soaking through the ceiling, causing play to be halted due to wet conditions.


Beware of ‘friendly’ casino staff. They may appear to be on your side, but they wouldn’t be paid a wage if the casino was running at a loss. Don’t give away too much about your knowledge of blackjack.

Best of betting!

News 11/03/2001

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