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The Most Powerful Publicly Available Horse Racing Software

Do you want to become a more successful punter?

Do you want to research and develop your own winning edge?

Then you need the many angles that the outstanding ratings2win software, called R2W Axis provides.

R2W Axis
is the most powerful horse racing software publicly available. It contains the most accurate ratings and features that are amongst the best for Australian racing.

Our three levels of affordable subscriptions allow you to add on a range of optional expansion packs that cater for differing needs and budgets.

Just check out the video below to see how the R2W Axis software will help your betting!


(IMPORTANT: For the best result with this video change the quality to HD, (using the cog icon in the YouTube tool bar) and view in full screen mode.)

Classic - is best suited to the casual punter that requires only one rating, our R2W speed rating, along with other Axis functions.

Advanced - is best suited to the systems/statistics oriented punter and includes access to most of the ratings and other data available. The R2W Indicators flag and R2W Trials data expansion packs are optional.

Professional - is best suited to those that wish to study past race data using state of the art ratings and software features, that allows you to interpret horses past performances. The R2W Trials data expansion pack is optional.


Once you purchase R2W Axis, all updates to the software are FREE of charge. (This also applies to those that purchase the discounted first release). All you pay is your ongoing subscription to your chosen ratings/data package.


R2W Axis Starter Packs

Purchasing your Axis starter pack is the best and most cost effective way to begin enjoying the benefits of our R2W Axis product range. Your starter pack includes your first two (2) months subscription free. We will also throw in some past data to get you started. Easy! 
Click on a package below 


Axis subscription and ongoing monthly schedule of charges

Options (all inc GST)











With indicators




Easy Product Comparison
Data and functions overview Classic   Advanced    Professional
R2W Axis software Tick Tick Tick
Axis program support Tick Tick Tick
R2W Selection finder    Tick   Tick Tick
R2W Selection analyser    Tick   Tick Tick
R2W PHF (Personal Horse Flags)   Tick   Tick Tick
Your Black Book
  Tick   Tick Tick
Consensus panel    Tick   Tick Tick
Consensus recalculate   Tick    Tick Tick
Key Race/Trial* for TAB meetings (*trials are available for the majority of trials conducted)   Cross    Cross Tick
Pro Functions   Cross    Cross Tick
External List Test and Analysis   Cross    Tick Tick
TAB prices Direct (Currently contains TattsBet. Tabcorp to follow.)   Tick   Tick Tick
Field details   Tick   Tick Tick
Horse Statistics (Information availability depends of subscription level.)   Tick   Tick Tick
OHR rating (Official handicapper's rating available from 1/1/2012)   Tick   Tick Tick
R2W Speed rating   Tick   Tick Tick
R2W Intelligence rating Cross Tick Tick
R2W Best distance range Cross Tick Tick
R2W Peak distance rating   Cross   Tick Tick
R2W PIR (Expected position in run) Cross Tick Tick
R2W Jockey rating Cross Tick Tick
R2W Trainer rating Cross Tick Tick
R2W RV rating (Relative Value) Cross Tick Tick
R2W Weight and Barrier true differentials Tick Tick Tick
R2W Race Strength Values for Today's Race (WR and BASE) Cross Tick Tick
R2W Standard Past race data up to 20 runs (includes R2W true track conditions) Cross Tick Tick
R2W Professional Past race data up to 20 runs (includes first and last sectional ratings, WR, BASE, and R2W true track conditions) Cross Cross Tick
R2W Legacy fields and past data printout Cross Cross Tick
Bloodhound pedigree look up facility Cross Cross Tick
Form comments for races and trials* (race-at-a-time bulk input, please note that all users have horse-at-a-time comments input ability)  Cross Cross Tick
R2W Indicators flag Cross Cross Tick
R2W Last performance rank (L) Cross Cross Tick
R2W Weight performance rank (W) Cross Cross Tick
R2W Distance performance rank (D) Cross Cross Tick
R2W Super jockeys flag Cross Cross Tick
R2W Super trainers flag Cross Cross Tick
R2W Early speed reports Cross Cross Tick
R2W Horse's Race and/or Trial* Past Form Search Cross Cross Tick
R2W Vision Viewer/Manager (view and manage past race/trial footage. Assumes user has access to their own footage) Cross Cross Tick
Upgrade options available     
Indicators Pack (Indicators flags and LWD performance ranks) Cross Tick Included
R2W Trials* data Cross Tick Tick
R2W Past Trials* Data Cross Tick Tick
R2W Past data Tick Tick Tick
Loyalty discounts available to clients that prefer to pay annually Tick Tick Tick

 *(requires Trials Data add-on subscription payment)


Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any other questions please send Neil an e-mail:
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