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1/10/2005 edition

Betting Systems
Beware these Methods

We suggest it is best to avoid selection methods and horse racing betting systems based upon the following ideas:

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2. Any trifecta methods based upon taking combinations of short priced tote horses to win and place. Short priced tote horses destroy trifecta dividends. Have two of them in the trifecta and the payout is usually not worth collecting.

3. Place betting methods based upon backing short priced tote horses.

Tote place odds are consistently below bookmaker traditional each way odds in fields of eight or more horses. To work out what bookmaker traditional each way odds are subtract one dollar from the win dollar odds, then divide this price by four, then add the dollar back to the price.

For example if the win odds are $5.00, subtract one dollar, now divide $4.00 by four. You get $1.00. Add the dollar back to the price.and you can see that a horse starting at $5.00 would have each way place odds of $2.00. Now try getting $2.00 on the tote for the place!

Legislation still allows TABs to get away with paying a win dividend of $1.00 money back for the place, but taking the stake should the bet not place. Backing very short priced tote horses for the place gives you the risk of having placed a bet where you can lose 100% of your stake, but cannot make a profit.

c) Rounding down of tote dividends also destroys your anticipated dividends. You might expect $1.20 but because the price drops to $1.19 you receive $1.10. That's 50% less than expected. It doesn't work the other way.

Because of the consistent poor tote value, the above forms of betting will most likely lose long term. It also probably doesn't matter whether you work the selections out yourself or get them worked out you by a computer and even automatically placed on the tote for you by a computer.

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