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5/12/2003 edition

System Selling Pests

"Got another one of these blurbs in the mail this morning. $500 to $200,000 in 12 months using 4% of my bank. What a kind hearted soul to share this wealth creator for only $200. Cripey. People don't fall for this crap do they. Cheers. darky."

"How about this one. Came today. Bank $250, betting 5%, profit $399,907. But get this. Price to buy. Only $160. This one's so ridiculous that after a cursory glance it went straight in the rubbish bin. Cheers. darky." Posts by darkydog2002 on November 27 in our Forum. (This has been edited)

Our comment:
Do you believe the moon is made out of green cheese?
Do you believe that Mars is inhabited by Martians?
Do you believe in the tooth fairy?
Do you believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
Do you believe it's possible to plant a seed that grows into a money tree with fruits that are precious diamonds and other gems, gold coins and $100 notes?
Do you believe there are kind-hearted, philanthropic souls out there who have invented the most successful ever betting methods that are basically like printing your own money and are willing to give you their secrets for a few dollars?

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Punt to Win 28/11/2003
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Back Tote Longshots?


Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra Profit $100 bet
Grumans 15.40 36.80 $2140
Touchy Subject 22.50 35.80 $1430
Rupanyup 12.30 22.80 $1050
Proudly Aggro 29.40 38.90 $950
Silver Canon 30.90 39.90 $900
Sure Bet 15.50 23.90 $840
Starbucks 11.80 20.10 $830

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