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13/12/2002 edition

Make Winning Bets Using
Horse Profiles

Profit through an expert knowledge of individual horses
By Daniel O’Sullivan, The Form-Pro

Has today’s unprecedented amount of racing information led to an increase in the number of winning punters? I would argue "No".

The reason why, lies in the fact that the majority of punters depend exclusively on information published for mass public consumption (e.g. formguides, media stories, various statistics, etc.)

An individual punter may be more informed than 10 years ago because of these better tools but so too are the punters he or she is competing against. In relative terms, nothing has changed.

While no doubt necessary in our racing activities, information published and consumed en masse by the public is overused and offers no winning advantage. The most successful punters today are those who supplement common information with their own unique sources.

People refer to us as "proactive" users of information because we take what’s available and creatively develop it in a way that gives us an advantage.

When it comes to form analysis, we rely on the same information used by the public, but come to rely even more on the information we develop ourselves. We know that without this information we stand little chance of winning in the long term. I make ongoing profits because of my own information tools.

Quite simply, if you want to achieve a better result than the majority of punters, you must be prepared to take information and do things with it that they do not. One tool I have used over the years with tremendous success is what I refer to as Horse Profiles.
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Copied with permission of "The Form-Pro".

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