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19/12/2003 edition

Racing Media Betting Spruikers

In the racing media the silly comment that "if they go to the trouble of putting a meeting on, then you should go to the trouble of betting on that meeting," seems to be gaining currency. We've heard it twice in eight days!

Punters should only bet when everything suits them, not as any sort of favour to those who went to "the trouble of putting a meeting on". The big advantage punters have over bookmakers is that bookmakers have to bet on every race on a program. Punters can choose what races to bet on or whether to ignore every race.

Using an analogy, if a shop opens selling third rate goods should we make some purchases in that shop because they went to the trouble of opening their shop. Similarly should we dine in a restaurant that serves ordinary food and has poor service, because they've gone to the trouble of opening? Would you really want to dine in Basil Fawlty's establishment? Never know - you might be blamed for causing trouble when you get some corked wine.

We wonder what the anti-gambling lobby would have to say. Could that be the stuff of compulsive gambling - "There's a meeting on, so I'd better have a bet."

It's very easy to dismiss the silly comment that "if they go to the trouble of putting a meeting on, then you should go to the trouble of betting on that meeting," as being "just a joke". If so, it's a very poor joke. Let's also not forget, many a truth is said in jest.

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Punt to Win 12/12/2003
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