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23/2/2008 edition

Get Those Betting Odds!

Placing a bet on "the winner" is not all there is to betting on horses. Just by making sure you obtain good odds about your bets can mean the difference between losing a lot of money and breaking about even or maybe making a profit.

Below you will be able to see the odds plenty of tote punters got about some popular tote winners. Compare them with the odds obtained by many punters who bet with bookmakers. We think you'll agree - the difference is staggering. It must make a huge difference to your results.

Look at the differences in odds for some short priced tote winning horses at the Moonee Valley Australia Stakes Day horse race meeting held Saturday, 16th. February.

Sound Journey
Tote: $4.90
Bookmaker top fluctuation: $7.00
Bookmaker starting price: $7.00

Laura's Charm
Tote: $4.70
Bookmaker top fluctuation: $6.00
Bookmaker starting price: $6.00

Light Fantastic
Tote: $3.60
Bookmaker top fluctuation: $4.60
Bookmaker starting price: $4.40

Skiddaw Peak
Tote: $3.00
Bookmaker top fluctuation: $3.50
Bookmaker starting price: $3.30

Absolut Glam
Tote: $2.10
Bookmaker top fluctuation: $2.50
Bookmaker starting price: $2.50

As a general rule bookmaker odds for Saturday meetings held in Sydney and Melbourne are better than tote odds for:

1. The most favoured horses (That's where most of the winners are!)
2. There needs to be reasonable disclosed form. This rule will not apply for a 2YO race full of first starters.

There are plenty of offers on this site that will help you get decent odds and give you a much better chance. The question is:

If you are not doing so already are you prepared to make the changes necessary to your win betting so you get better odds and better returns for your money? Or are you going to turn a blind eye, ignore reality, and pretend you are getting good odds for popular horses in Melbourne and Sydney on Saturdays? Just like some posters in our forum who post saying, "Bookmaker odds are no good. I always bet on the tote."

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