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29/3/2008 edition

Free Horse Racing Betting Systems

Imagine you've worked out a horse racing betting system that does the following:

1. Has made a profit on turnover of 35% at starting price from more than 500 selections over the last two years.

2. Operates on all Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide city horse racing meetings.

Selections are automatically made by following your rules. No choice, judgment or opinion is involved.

Now imagine that we sell horse racing betting systems and offered you the chance of sending your racing betting system to us for free to see if we will publish it on our web site. Would you do that?

Consider this analogy.

Imagine a wealthy stable has set a horse for a first up plunge. Can you imagine the trainer contacting a bookmaker on the morning of the race and saying, "We've set it for a first up win in the third at Randwick. We'll have $100,000 the win on it at top fluctuation odds." Of course that wouldn't happen.

Similarly, why would anyone send their winning horse racing system to any business that sells horse racing systems? Why give that business a free look at a method that has won over two years? If that business used your ideas, maybe with a few changes and then sold it as their system, what recourse would you have? Probably NONE.

It seems perfectly logical that if a winning horse racing system is sold to thousands of tote punters, that in the following months the odds will be affected on the tote and with the bookies. What may have been a successful betting method up till that time will then become a losing selection method until at least plenty of those tote punters stop backing the selections.

Horse racing betting systems can be very useful for the selections they generate when combined with serious form analysis. We make use of a large number of our own, non-published betting systems, for some of our selections. But these selections are put through some thorough form analysis and as a result many of the system selections are then rejected.

Every time we publish Punt to Win we give you a free quick pick horse betting system. We are confident these horse racing betting ideas we give you can help punters by providing great leg ins to selection methods that will provide plenty of excellent winners over a long period of time.

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Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra Profit $10 bet
Distant Melody 26.00 49.90 $239
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Efficient 17.00 24.10 $71
Sculptor 21.00 24.90 $39
Partiva 21.00 24.30 $33
Count To Zero 13.00 15.70 $27


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