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1/8/2003 edition

Specialise to Win

I think we've all seen punters hurriedly betting on horses from race to race. Those punters have no chance of making money over the long term. If they accept that and are betting small amounts that they can afford to lose, fair enough - all entertainment comes at a cost.

However if you seriously want to win at racing using your own form, then as a good starting point you need to find some area to specialise in. There is just too much racing and too many horses if you are going to try and win everywhere.

Here is what "osulldj" had to say about specialising in a Forum post on July 23 this year.:

"...On Saturdays, I average 16 bets across all the racing venues. This works very well for me, primarily due to the approach I have with my own betting. That doesn't mean it's right for anyone else though.

I know another very successful punter who only bets Saturday and would only have three bets per week. It really does depend on the approach you have to making your selections. It should also be dictated by the time and means you have available to study the form.

Many punters I talk to have asked similar questions...my usual advice is to specialise.

The first option is to specialise at the metropolitan racing in your home state. Get to intimately know the horses, track, jockeys, trainers etc. Study the form diligently, make horse profiles, review races run, make notes about what you learnt, study jockey performances, trainer strategies etc.

Go all out, become an expert at NSW metro. racing, QLD metro. racing or whatever. My view is that if you can't profit specialising like this then it's unlikely you could profit through a broader approach.

Another option is to specialise in Group and Listed races....get to know the best horses in the same way as racing in your home state. There are hundreds of black type races around the country each year.

The worse thing a punter can do is spread themselves too thin by attempting to have the level of knowledge needed to win across a broad spectrum of racing. Most don't have the time or means (i.e. technology systems and form study capabilities) to do this well enough so they can profit..."

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