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2/8/2008 edition

The Bunched Field Big Money Dividend Odds Horse Racing Betting System

It's often said "Don't follow the form from a bunched finish." Well, that's just another racing myth. This is a very simple horse racing betting system method of finding horses from bunched finishes at big odds that could be ready to win. It can be used at any time of the year.

Here are the rules:

1. The horse must have finished no better than sixth at its last start in its current campaign.

2. The horse must have finished no worse than two lengths from the winner.

3. The horse has a significant jockey change for the better at its next start. Look for the jockey being replaced by one of the leading jockeys from the state or interstate or a jockey who has won on the horse.

4. Eliminate rule three if the horse has the same jockey but had bad luck in its qualifying race (you can usually get this information from a good form guide.)

You can bring in plenty of your own additional rules.

I feel sure you will have plenty of fun with this method. During Carnival times with a bit of luck you can get some big winners and placegetters.

Good luck.

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