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3/10/2003 edition

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Well fancied Gai Waterhouse trained horses lost again.

The Gai Waterhouse punters' tale of woe continued last Saturday at Randwick. Win only betting was an absolute disaster. Have a look at what happened to the eight most favoured Gai Waterhouse trained horses:

Imperialism backed from $5.50 to $4.00 equal favourite - third
Freeze - $4.00 equal favourite - second

L'Espalier - $3.60 second favourite - second

Touched By God - $5.00 into $4.60 second favourite - second

Hasna - $1.80 into $1.65 "good thing" favourite - third

Grand Armee - $5.50 into $4.40 second favourite - second

Fiery Venture - $4.80 into $3.60 favourite - sixth
Who Did It - $6.00 into $4.80 - tenth (and last.)

Don't fall for the short priced Gai Waterhouse hype horses that will soon be racing in the Melbourne Spring and Cup Carnival. Gai Waterhouse has proved year after year that horses she trains fail when brought to Melbourne. Wait until she turns that around.

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