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6/10/2007 edition

"Winning Money Is Easy"

Why is it that thousands of people, without putting in any serious quality time for form analysis, regularly go to their TABs, PubTabs, and race tracks, or place bets over the phone or internet and seriously expect to make money on horse racing betting their selections?

The simple fact of the matter is that successfully betting on horse racing is no different to any other pursuit in life. To be successful you must have:

1. Knowledge
2. Skill
3. Discipline - (the ability to apply yourself correctly and not waver.)

Yet punters seriously think they can be successful without any of these qualities.

Most people are competent and successful in their job, whether they are a doctor, lawyer, plumber, electrician, builder, accountant, public servant, supermarket cashier etc.

Now why is this the case?

1. Each person knows what to do.

2. They also have the skills needed to put that into practice.

3. They have the right attitude - they want to do it.

Now can you imagine a plumber being successful if he lacked any of these three qualities?

So why is successfully wagering on racing any different?

What logic can possibly make anyone think they can be successful betting on horses if they lack the basic knowledge needed, or don't know how to stake correctly, or don't have the discipline?

We've all seen punters start their betting for the day with $100 bets, run out of money and when they finally get a good winner have only a couple of dollars on it.

We've all seen punters change their mind about a bet for any number of reasons such as, "At those big odds it can't win," and then miss out on a good winner. Ot they might get a "hot tip" so instead of backing the winner back a loser.

We've all seen punters have a cursory look at a newspaper form guide or the tote odds and fluctuations and then expect to consistently "back the winner."

A harsh but honest question all punters should ask themselves is:

"What skill and what knowledge do I have about horse racing and betting that makes me think I can win?"

Think of this in terms of your current job. Does your knowledge and skill of racing and betting match that?

You must be able to confidently answer this question. If not then you will never win long term.

You can get a lot of enjoyment from racing but you will need to regard it as an entertainment expense. There is nothing wrong with that as all forms of entertainment involve a cost.

However punters need to understand that without a high level of knowledge and skill, racing can only be a hobby and entertaining pastime, not a serious money making pursuit.

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