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20/10/2012 edition

How Good was the Run of that Horse?
Horse Racing Media Free Horse Racing Ratings and Assessments

Horse racing media free horse racing ratings and assessments

We hope our regular readers know they should treat horse racing form comments from the multi million dollar horse racing media establishment very much with with due care and diligence.

Being aware that plenty of punters who talk from their pockets will agree with them, poor and inaccurate comments about beaten favourites are common from the racing media crowd. How better to win the approval of their listening and viewing audience!

It's far more popular with most punters who have just lost their betting money on the "good thing" than telling them that the "good thing" put in a very good race and will pay to follow next start.

A typical example is when a racing media race caller "expert" tells you the $3.00 favourite, which finished fourth, was "very disappointing" in circumstances such as:

After being a little slow out from barrier nine in a field of nine horses, instead of settling the favourite, an average Saturday class jockey works the favourite very hard early to not only make up the lost ground, but to settle outside the leader. And that's where it races. So not unexpectedly the favourite weakens a little near the end of the race and finishes fourth, beaten by say 1.5 lengths.

In our opinion that is not a "very disappointing" run.

How often when a horse misses the start do you see the class jockeys like Luke Nolen, Nash Rawiller, Hugh Bowman, Michael Rodd, Chris Munce or Craig Newitt work the horse extra hard to settle outside the leader?

So it also pays to be on the alert if a trainer puts a top jockey on a horse the start after a racing media race caller "expert" tells you it was "very disappointing" or the horse has had bad luck in running.

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