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21/9/2013 edition

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Horses regularly win at big double figure odds. But what is more important for punters is that the clues are often right there in front of them - right there in the form. There are smart punters who are making good money by not betting on short priced horses, but instead selectively wagering on horses at good odds - often at very big double figure odds. These astute punters know that lightly raced horses can show huge improvement. The horses don't know they're jumping in class, are at big double figure odds are not expected to win. They just go out there and win!

Horse Racing Form Analysis Tips and Betting System Rules
Saturday, 14th. September, 2013.

Moonee Valley winner
Le Bonsir $19.00
1. This 6YO gelding had a great strike rate of 7 wins, 4 seconds and 2 thirds from just 19 races.
2. At the 1200 metres distance of this race it had the great record of 4 wins 2 seconds and 2 thirds from just 10 starts.
3. In addition, it had 2 wins and 1 third at Moonee Valley - all over the 1200 metres distance of this race.
4. To top it off, it was a last start metropolitan winner, dropping from 59kg. handicapped weight 3 weeks earlier to 54kg. for this race.
5. We find it hard to believe this winner started at $19.00!

Rosehill winner winner
Riva De Lago $15.00
1. This 6YO gelding was a Rosehill specialist with 3 wins, 2 seconds and 1 third from 8 starts at the track.
2. This race was at 1400 metres and it had 3 wins from 3 starts at that distance.
3. It won this race by 2.5 lengths.
4. It was amazing that such massive value odds were available in this small field of 10.

Horse Racing Form Analysis Tips and Betting System Rules
Saturday, 7th. September, 2013.

Flemington winner
Miracle To Me $31.00
1. This 3YO filly had 2 wins and 2 places from just 5 race starts.
2. It was a last start metropolitan winner at Sandown Lakeside and was dropping 4kg. in handicapped weight!

Randwick winner
Malavio $26.00
1. This 5YO gelding started from barrier 14 of 14 in this 1400 metres Group 3 race, guaranteeing better odds because of the wide barrier.
2. It was second up from a spell. First up it was only beaten by 2.3 lengths in a Group 3 race over 1200 metres.
3. In 3 starts at 1400 metres it had 2 wins.
4. Malavio is a proven winner, coming into this race with 8 wins from 20 starts.
5. In open races like this you look for horses at generous odds that are lightly raced and on the up and proven winners like Malavio.

Horse Racing Form Analysis Tips and Betting System Rules
Saturday, 31st. August, 2013.

Rosehill winner
Va Pensiero $44.60
1. This lightly raced 3YO colt won a 3YO Group 3 race at Rosehill just 14 days earlier.
2. It had 2 wins and 1 second from just 6 race starts.
3. At Rosehill it had 1 win from 3 starts.
4. In this 3YO Group 3 race, a field of 14, it was beyond belief that $44.60 was available.
5. The market got this completely wrong.

Caulfield winners - Peter Moody again!
Ibicenco $54.00
1. This 6YO horse was fifth up from a spell.
2. It had been freshened up since its start in the 3200 metres Queensland Cup on 6th. July.
3. It was dropping back in distance to 1700 metres,.
4. Ibicenco's trainer was Peter Moody.

Lidari $14.00
1. This 5YO horse was first up from a spell.
2. It was lightly raced with a strong record of 5 wins, 2 seconds and 2 thirds from just 14 starts.
3. First up it had 2 wins and 1 second from 3 starts.
4. At the 1400 metres distance of this race it had 3 starts for 1 win and 1 third.
5. It was trained by the master trainer Peter Moody.
6. It is amazing how in this field of 13 generous odds $14.00 was bet!

This is what we said about Peter Moody a few weeks ago:

Saturday, 17th. August, 2013.

Caulfield winners - Peter Moody
Thy $31.00
1. This 5YO mare was first up from a spell.
2. It had only raced 12 times - for 3 wins and 3 placings.
3. It had won first up from a spell.
4. Its trainer was Peter G. Moody and jockey for this race was Vlad Duric.
5. In a field of just 12 it was tremendous value.

Kiss A Rose $11.00
1. This 3YO filly was first up from a spell.
2. It had only raced once - for an easy win at Caulfield in December when it started as $3.50 favourite.
3. Its trainer was Peter G. Moody and jockey for this race was Luke Nolen.
4. The moral from these two Caulfield winners is, "Don't dismiss any lightly raced horse resuming from a spell at good odds trained by the outstanding Peter G. Moody."

It's also worth noting that Peter Moody was the trainer of 7YO gelding Hanks, a $35.50 winner over 2000 metres at Caulfield. This gelding was fourth up from a break from racing of more than one year due to injury, so was certainly getting fitter!

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