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31/8/2013 edition

Trifecta Horse Racing Betting Tips

Flexi betting in tote pools such as trifecta and first four betting pools means betting these multiples correctly becomes very important.

For starters, let us get rid of the fallacy made by amateur punters that in a field of eight "The Professionals" take the $2.00 favourite to win and place in every trifecta combination possible. That is an absolute nonsense. They wouldn't be professionals for very long if they did that, because the unders are abysmal.

It's thousands of small time punters who stand out short priced favourites in those sorts of fields, because they bet trifectas to get a collect every race. Sure, they get plenty of collects, but they are guaranteed long term losers because of the amount they outlay to get those collects.

This does not change with Flexi betting. In fact, for many punters Flexi betting is an outright trap. Because it costs no more to take out multiple trifecta combinations, they will do so. But it's absolutely useless collecting something like one twentieth of the payout if you have bet a small fortune relative to your possible collects. It's no use outlaying more most race than you collect when you "win."

That's the same reason why trifectas and first fours in fields of say five horses have always paid abysmally. Numerous punters will box all the horses, because "I can't lose." What a nonsense! We've seen punters do this with a $1.50 tote favourite, proudly flashing their ticket around for all to see, exclaiming, "Look, I can't lose. I must win!" Then for their $60 outlay (one dollar units) they get back $5.00.

Small fields are generally shocking trifecta betting races. The best size fields are between 10 to 14 runners where you have a chance of getting decent returns and do not have to take a massive number of trifecta combinations to cover the most likely combinations.

These races are even better if the tote favourite is about $4.00 and you believe it will not run a place.

If there are short priced tote favourites in these races they are usually poor trifecta betting races because if the tote favourite finishes in the first three the dividend will probably be wrecked. However, you can make some great collects if you correctly leave the short priced favourite out of your combinations.

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