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26/4/2008 edition

Horse Racing Betting System, Selection and Tipping Scams

Every so often we get a horse racing system marketing promotion sent in the mail.
Many of claims over the years have been so statistically unsound, they defy belief.

For example, a horse racing tipping service that has revolutionised selection methods and is so brilliant it can obtain a 65% winning strike rate at average odds of $7.50. (That's a level stakes profit of about 400% on turnover!!!)

Sure, on a really good and lucky run over a few selections it is possible to get results like that. But not selection after selection after selection, year after year after year!

What about a winning betting system that has a maximum run of outs of just four, or a tipping service with a maximum run of outs of just three! Again completely statistically absurd claims in our view.

How about turning, "$1,000 to $250,000 in 12 months using 3% of my bank."

Well, what kind hearted soul would want to share this gold mine with hundreds of punters he doesn't even know - and for just $200? Why not make another $250,000 yourself instead of trying to flog it by unsolicited marketing for a few hundred dollars?

If it really works it's worth millions of dollars. Not just 200 measly dollars!

How about this selection method? All you need is a " Bank of $500, betting 4%. Profit $250,000. Price to purchase. Only $199."

Our comments:

1. Do you believe the moon is made out of green cheese?

2. Do you believe that Mars is inhabited by Martians?

3. Do you believe in the tooth fairy?

4. Do you believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

5. Do you believe it's possible to plant a seed that grows into a money tree with fruits that are precious diamonds and other gems, gold coins and $100 notes?

6. Do you believe there are kind-hearted, philanthropic souls out there who have invented the most successful betting methods which are like printing your own money, defy all the laws of statistics and then they are willing to give you their "secrets" for a few dollars?

Because we'd need to believe all these are true and more before we could even contemplate the ridiculous claims from some betting system sellers.

But as the saying goes, "A fool and his money are easily parted."

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