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28/6/2008 edition

Betting Tips and and Gambling Strategy

Horse racing betting systems - can they work?

How often do we hear a punter say, after having a small run of outs using a good betting system, "Wouldn't you know it. As soon as I stopped using the betting system along came a big winner!"

The real issue is that while it is possible to create good horse racing betting systems that will do well over the long term, because punters are not prepared to accept losing runs, which are a normal part of maing money, many punters using a winning betting system will simply not win with it.

Why do so many punters automatically back short priced horses? Because everyone else is and because there are shorter losing runs when backing them!

There is also another important issue. Everyone wouldn't claim an understanding of chemistry, of algebra, of accounting, of economics etc. So why is it that just about every punter believes they really have a great understanding of racing form? Betting on the horses and losing money in our opinion doesn't automatically qualify anyone to claim to have a great understanding of form!

So many punters using racing systems believe they have a good understanding of racing form. So these punters then eliminate horses the system selects that are at huge odds, say $50.00 because they are not prepared to back horses they don't think can win. And of course, it is also well known that long odds scare off punters. Even experienced punters often refuse to back a horse because, "It can't win at those odds."

You can find a worthwhile betting system. It can be easier than you think. Take a good look at the form lines of winning horses. Don't be surprised when you notice clear trends; that horses with certain form lines win much more often than expected, and sometimes win at very big odds.

Once you notice this sort of trend all you need to do is make some simple, sensible rules and follow the method. Maybe just place a dollar or two on each selection for a trial run until you have confidence?

Don't forget of course the number one rule of punting. Never bet with scared money as future winning results can never, ever be guaranteed. So always bet with money you are prepared to lose.

Sensible horse racing betting systems have a number of advantages for the average punter. These include:

1. Having solid selections for the day that do not take a lot of time to work out.

2. Importantly these selections are not worked out on the run after each race. That is the downfall of many punters whose selections during the day are influenced by how their earlier selections have gone that day.

3. Systems also give punters the chance to be disciplined with their betting.

4. If you are able to assess what minimum odds you should obtain with each system selection (these odds do not need to be the same for each selection,) then you have a very good chance of making a long term betting profit from your system selections.

5. Finally, it is best to avoid most commercial horse racing betting systems. These may have many hundreds of people betting on the same selections which of course affects the odds. In addition, many of these systems use rules, however illogical, invented to fit the past results and create a substantial past profit. This means the systems have little chance of holding up in the future.

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