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Casino Free Spins - Are they Worth the Trouble?
From Mark Truman: May 2016

Free spins are one of the best ways to experience real money online casino games first hand without having to spend your own funds. They are given either to new comers that sign up for the first time, or as part of regular promotions to regular and loyal players.

There are many casinos offering free spins on the latest pokies, and this is their best way of promoting the pokies or their services. You get the free spins, use them and what you win you can keep for you. You may not win anything, but there is no risk at all so it's no big deal. Usually casinos powered by NetEnt are the ones that give out the best free spins offers. The question is are they worth it?

Well, since there is no risk, they must be worth it. There is no risk in terms of having to spend your own money to get the free spins, except in cases where they are given to you specifically for making a deposit. But even then, the risk is eliminated because you are offered the chance to win some more money on the house.



Of course, there will be strings attached, which is only fair because you get to win money without making a deposit. These strings come in the form of terms and conditions that rule how you can use the free spins, what you can do with them, where can you use them, and what you have to do to get the winnings. This is the part that may not be worth the trouble, because sometimes online casinos request that you make a deposit in order to get the winnings. And even then you may not get them immediately because you will have to fulfill the wagering requirement.

Free spins come as no deposit bonuses given to players that register for the first time at an online casino. These are the most interesting. However, these are usually no more than 20 free spins. The same number of free spins is usually given as part of pokies promotions. The free spins that come as a reward for making a deposit are the juicier ones because sometimes casinos give up to 250 free spins as a reward for your decision to make a deposit. When you become a regular player you may receive free spins for being a regular customer or as part of some giveaway.



In both cases there will be strings attached and it's essential that you get to read the terms and conditions so that you can set your expectations. This is a very normal practice in the online casino industry and was introduced the moment players began abusing these generous offers by the casinos.

Players used to be able to use the free spins, win money, withdraw it and just never appear again. Casinos didn't like that because their point in giving out free spins was to acquire new customers, so they started setting up conditions that rule the usage of these free spins. Find some free spins, claim them, use them, read the conditions and decide for yourself if they are worth the trouble. If you intend to deposit anyway, they are truly worth.


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