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How horse racing is impacting the world of casinos
From George Draper: June 2018

Those of us who got lucky enough to visit an arcade when we were kids will have fond memories of clanking, whirring machines with a line of horses ready to 'run'. Pop in a few coins and the machine would light up and your little gambling bubble would be filled with the sound of cheering crowds, followed by plastic hitting plastic as the horses galloped along the racetrack. Fast forward to today, however, and horse racing has had far more of an impact on casino gaming than just a rusty machine. Today, you'll find countless land-based and online casino games UK providers with plenty to keep fans of horse racing entertained. Here, we're exploring how horse racing has impacted the world of casinos.

Land-Based Casinos

Of course, you'll still find the odd vintage mechanical machine dotted around seaside arcades, but when venturing into the world of land-based casinos, you're likely to find a much more streamlined alternative. While there are still a number mechanical horse racing games, these often feature a better outcome algorithm, smoother mechanics for the horses themselves and, of course, video screens for placing your bets and seeing the results. The Konami Fortune Cup mechanical horse racing cup is just one of these - this game allows you watch the race via the mechanical horses, or via a digital version of the race on the screen while placing bets via a screen in front of each individual player.

These games tend to have lower betting limits, which certainly triggers nostalgia in some of those thinking back on coin-based arcade alternatives. This is a great way to have a bit of fun while betting away smaller amounts and with many of these machines now offering statistics and changing betting odds per game, this certainly makes the game just that little bit more realistic.


The influence of horse betting doesn't just end at mechanical machines, however - well, unless you consider the mechanical arm slots! From the flashing lights and ringing bells of physical slot machines to the multiple paylines and unique themes of online slots games, horse racing, like most sports, has made a place in the industry. Typically, the slots will feature themes bonuses, the icons in place of typical fruit images will typically be related to the theme and, of course, there'll be plenty of background graphics to enjoy the entire time.

For those looking for a more casual form of gambling with smaller amounts but want all the fun of a horse racing atmosphere, this could be an ideal alternative.

Sports Betting

Sports' betting isn't something that many typically associate with your average casino, but with talk of this particular pastime becoming not only legal but accepted in casinos across the US, this could quickly change in the future. Horse racing is a sport that has people across the globe betting when they may not have bet at any other time. Take the Grand National, for example - even those who haven't even considered betting in the past may indulge in a bet or two during this major racing event. For casinos, this is the perfect opportunity to take up a new offering and pull in casual bettors on a more permanent basis.

Horse racing in and of itself is something that countless people get involved with every year, and with its ongoing influence on casino gaming, both industries have the potential to benefit greatly. Whether you opt for a themed slot, or you head down to try your hand at a mechanical horse race, there's no denying the influence that this sport has had on casinos as we know them.



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