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Online Casino then and today
From Steve Evans: August 2017

Back when online casino started out it was something not that many people knew about. There were plenty of websites but not all were safe or regulated. To play casino, download software was necessary and it could sometimes take hours from registration until you were actually playing at an online casino website. The most common games were animate games including roulette and blackjack.

Internet and the casino companies have developed a lot ever since and today the landscape is much safer and better for the player. Bonuses and free spins are very common and most online casinos do have a license and are really safe and reliable. There are several websites where you can read about online casino and Casino Experts is probably the best one out there today.

Development of Online Casino

Today, online casino has really changed from when it began. There are no downloads required and no matter whether you are playing from your smartphone or laptop you can play instantly in your web browser. It is being played worldwide, with the UK and Scandinavia being the two most popular markets for slot games and live casino.

Some of the biggest jackpot winnings in the world have been won online, including wins on NetEnt´s Mega Fortune Dreams and many other exciting online games. You can play for small money and win millions today online, thanks to all the cool game features. Of course, the games that pays out fortunes might be volatile, and if you want a safer bet with smaller winnings, there are options for that too.

Both NetEnt and Microgaming have been around for a long time, developing world class slot machines and table games for online gamblers for almost a decade. When betting or gambling online there are several big online casino sites that will help you find the best possibilities for you. Slot machines are more popular than ever and it is a development we think will continue for years to come.

The Future of Online Casino

Online casino games have developed a lot lately and will most likely continue to do so. It is a tech intensive business and with inventions such as live casino games and much else it is very likely to continue the same way. There are two different sorts of casino that people around the world think will continue to grow and develop for the next few years.

Virtual Reality or VR as many people will address it as, is something that will continue to develop for a long time to come. Everything from live sports to slot machines will benefit from this new technique and the possibilities are almost not limited. Thanks to VR technique, the casino experience can now be more realistic than ever before. Take on your glasses and get started on one of the top VR casinos online today.

Bitcoin is something else that is very popular. The blockchain technology protects the user from government and state interference and creates a safe and reliable currency that can be used online. When playing casino this is a very safe way to transact your money and many online casino websites will offer it as a payment method already. It is also very likely that this trend will continue and we are sure that Bitcoin Casino is here to stay.

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