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8/2/2014 edition

Horse Racing Betting Information and Betting Tips!

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How to become a winning horse racing punter

It's important to know what information about a horse is relevant form for the race it is in and what is irrelevant.

We'll demonstrate this by looking at information provided to punters some years ago to help them "back a winning horse."

On hearing from the "man at the track" that there'd been support for a horse at long odds, the studio horse racing host became very enthusiastic:

"Check out this horse. If you'd like to know more about it it's by Kinjite, a New Zealand galloper." While that's an interesting bit of information, how was that relevant?

We were then told that this horse had placed in New Zealand at tracks like Pukekohe Park and Trentham. Again, how was that relevant to a tight turning specialists' track like Moonee Valley where the horse was racing? We weren't told that!

What were the distances of those races? Don't bother telling punters that! The races were actually from 1400 metres to 1600 metres. But as the horse was racing over 2040 metres, placing over 1400 metres to 1600 metres doesn't necessarily indicate the horse will run out 2040 metres.

We were then told that the horse had recently placed at Sandown. Again, how is that going to help anyone decide whether to back it over 2040 metres at Moonee Valley? In fact it is completely irrelevant as they are completely different horse racing tracks.

Then another useless piece of information was given to punters who were told the horse's last start was in a country cup, where it struck its head at the barrier, but still finished fifth. The horse racing studio host told us the run had plenty of merit and the same jockey again had the ride. But the racing studio host did not add that the horse was a well beaten fifth, beaten by over five lengths. Nor did he mention that it was on Slow ground, making the run pretty much irrelevant considering the Moonee Valley race was on a Good track!

The studio racing host then pointed out that the horse would firm on the tote following "that wrap from the on course news." Yet this horse had actually only been specked on track from $26.00 to $16.00. At those odds that doesn't take much money.

The horse was ridden perfectly in the race, but only plodded in the straight and finished a well held fifth.

However, there was one very significant piece of information that the studio racing host did not tell punters.

I would have thought the first thing he should have told us was that the 5YO gelding had won just twice from 38 starts. But then who would have wanted to hear anything else about it as a betting proposition if the first thing they'd been told was, "I've got a great tip from the track for you. It was a well beaten fifth in the country last start and has only won twice from 38 starts, but don't let that put you off."

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