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12/12/2003 edition

Staking Losses Into Profits

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Last Saturday these horses well in the market won at Randwick and Sandown. Have a look at the odds punters who restricted their bets to SuperTab got compared with punters who got top official bookmaker betting ring fluctuation odds (these odds are also very easy to get nowadays.)

Jewel Attraction
TF (top fluctuation): $6.00
SuperTab (tote): $4.00

Belle Feline
TF (top fluctuation): $4.60
SuperTab (tote): $4.20

Best French
TF (top fluctuation): $4.00
SuperTab (tote): $3.60

Dane Fever
TF (top fluctuation): $3.60
SuperTab (tote): $3.30

Striking Victory
TF (top fluctuation): $3.80
SuperTab (tote): $3.60

Bird Dancer
TF (top fluctuation): $2.60
SuperTab (tote): $1.80

TF (top fluctuation): $4.20
SuperTab (tote): $3.50

Intelligent King
TF (top fluctuation): $3.90
SuperTab (tote): $3.30

Debrah's Joy
TF (top fluctuation): $2.50
SuperTab (tote): $2.30

TF (top fluctuation): $1.60
SuperTab (tote): $1.40

We're not talking 10 cents here or 10 cents there. In the majority of cases where horses are well in the market on Saturdays at Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan meetings top fluctuation bookmaker odds are far superior to the local state tote odds.

Just look at those prices - $6.00 Jewel Attraction compared to $4.00 on the tote. Get the $6.00 and that's two extra free bets at level stakes. What about $2.60 Bird Dancer compared to $1.80 on the tote? Get the $2.60 and you've increased your return by 100%.

There are a number of bookmaker offers on this site where you can get much better odds. That can be the difference for you between losing and breaking even or breaking even and making a profit.

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Punt to Win 5/12/2003
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