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19/3/2011 edition

Horse Racing Trifecta Betting Tips

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How to make money wagering and betting trifectas.

1. By doing the opposite of most trifecta punters.

2. That means for a start knowing the form and not just treating trifectas as a numbers game. That rules out many tote punters.

3. Not taking trifectas in small fields when it is obvious that the short priced favourite will run a place and probably finish in the first two.

4. Only taking a favourite to win with horses at big tote odds for second and third. But you must know that those horses at big odds are realistic place chances. Otherwise you might as well burn your money. It is not just a numbers game. 
5. When boxing horses, or taking a few horses as standouts for the win when they are at good tote odds do not include the tote favourite. But you must know it is a false favourite. If the favourite is a top place chance then you are throwing your money away.

6. Do not take trifectas as an easy way out because you have no idea what horse is going to win the race. It is much harder to get three horses to finish in the top three in those races than to back three horses, each at big odds, just to win the race. 

Well there you have it. Playing trifectas seriously to win is not easy. You need a big bank and there will be some long runs of outs. There must be if you are going for the collects of $500 and more. 

Footnote: Of course if you want to play trifectas like everyone else, boxing the top selections in fields of five, six, seven and eight or so runners you will have plenty of collects. Just like the six horse, first race at Randwick on Saturday, 12 February, 2011.

It was won by the $1.28 favourite Satin Shoes. The two equal second starting price $10.00 favourites, Elite Falls and Shared Reflections finished second and third. For a one dollar unit box four trifecta the outlay was $24. On SuperTab you collected just $10.80. You outlayed $24 and lost $13.20.

With "winning" collects like that punters are guaranteed to lose long term.

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