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19/8/2006 edition

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"Hi Everyone,

I'd like to share with you a little insight into punting's big picture - or how to view betting performances. When I was a young teenager, my Uncle Freddy would take me to Caulfield races at a time when Scotch And Dry (the horse, not the drink) was exciting the crowd with its front-running tearaway style and Sobar was impressing with its class.

Uncle Freddy was a hard-nosed punter but a generous philosopher who would give free advice to anyone who'd care to listen (or anyone he could corner!) His "proverbs" were many but the ones I can remember include: " A bet is not a bet, kiddo. A hundred bets is a bet! " That was his way of saying look at the much longer term to gain a useful idea of how you're tipping or progressing in the racing game. He would also say: " It's only half a sentence. It's not the whole flamin' book! " I think that meant the same thing.

One of his most memorable sayings, that has always held me in good stead - whether in punting or in business or in life - was this one: " Never get discouraged and never get misled over anything that's instant. There's a heck of a lot of instances in anything worthwhile. "

Uncle Freddy also had a great understanding of human conflict and how futile it is. He often said to folk: " Horses win races. Nobody wins arguments! " My Uncle Freddy is no longer with us, but his legacy is a wealth of understanding. He was a punter with passion. And he was a punter with perspective. I reckon that's what it's all about really.

I write this little message in his honour, as I'm sure he would have loved to contribute those thoughts to his fellow punters here. Thanks for reading and cheers to all.

Posted by OneBet on May 31, 2002.

The OZmium horse racing and sports betting forum is very popular with punters. It is active, full of great discussion and betting tips every day.

We certainly agree. Too often many punters look at their bets and results purely talking from their pockets. If a wager loses they automatically assume it was a bad bet. If a wager wins they automatically assume it was the right bet.

For successful punters who win money over the long term it is more important to make the right bet on the right horse at the right odds, even if it loses, than to make the wrong bet on the wrong horse at the wrong odds, even if it wins.

Have a careful think about that.

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