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1/7/2006 edition

Be Wary of Race Calls

Race caller hype

While we're commenting on race callers today I suggest you be very, very wary when told a horse has performed poorly. It is not always correct. It is also very easy for that inaccurate comment in the heat of the race to affect your future judgement. Because it's often something very easy to remember.

Similarly race caller hype about a winning horse can easily affect your judgement in the future. The winners so often are described as if they are unbeatable champions!

Here's just one example we have heard at the end of an open handicap. Not wanting to upset anyone, we have invented the horses names.

"Here comes Prince Winner. He's flashing home Prince Winner blowsing Red Monkey on the line. Third probably Slipup from Cloud Twenty who also came from a hopeless place... Purple Star folded up."

Prince Winner won by half a length. Was Red Monkey that inferior? Hardly blowsed by Prince Winner as he was only beaten by half a length. Those finishing positions can easily be reversed next start.

We were also told that Purple Star folded. That was plain inaccurate. Purple Star led, set a very fast pace, never got any peace in the lead and finished fourth beaten by only one and a half lengths. It was only over the last 30 metres that the swoopers really got him. It was a good run. Hardly what you would objectively describe as folding. In addition, Purple Star, a six year old now had four runs in from a spell and would be primed to run a big race at its next start.

But if you were influenced by the race caller's comment that Purple Star "folded up" then most likely you would not be backing it next start.

In addition, Cloud Twenty, who was hyped up in the call as coming from a "hopeless place" only finished a short half head in front of Purple Star!

So much for paying close attention to that race caller's on the spur of the moment value judgements about the merits of each horse's performance.

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