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6/8/2005 edition

Know Your Jockeys
Make Money

The jockey is often the difference between a horse winning and losing. In a race jockeys have to make split second decisions. When you consider that horses are traveling at approximately six lengths per second, you realise that making a decision a fraction of a second too late is all it takes for a horse to miss out on winning.

That means it's important to form your own objective assessments of jockeys to improve your chances at the punt. That also doesn't mean bagging a jockey because your money was on a losing ride unless the jockey deserved it. You have to look at what happened calmly and logically, not just through your pocket.

It means closely observing the way a jockey rides, what options the jockey takes and how the jockey handles wide barriers, close finishes and difficult horses. Also closely note which jockeys have more bad luck than others. Why do you want a jockey who has significantly more bad luck than others riding the horse you backed? So you can have another hard luck story after the race?

Have a look at the jockeys who win big feature races. Some of these jockeys put in some shockers when they have rides in your run of the mill races. But when it comes to riding for big money then it's all systems go.

Also check out how jockeys perform on "bad rides". Some well known jockeys are absolutely hopeless. Others give their bad rides every chance, and can snare some big placings and big wins.

See how jockeys go when they have a wide barrier. Again some well known jockeys tend to be pretty useless, regularly getting their mounts trapped wide and usually without cover.

That is what we do full time at Pro-Punter so we can provide a quality horse racing betting package.

It also means we have a very different opinion about many jockeys compared to the repetitive blurb the racing public are fed every day by the racing media.

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