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12/10/2013 edition

Trifecta Horse Racing Betting Tips

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How to make trifecta money betting "odds on favourites" and "good things"

Let's have a look at an example from our Punt to Win racing archives which shows how you can make good money betting trifectas on horse racing taking an odds on favourite as your stand out to win.

In the example we are looking at, Victory Vein won and paid $1.40 for the win on the tote. Yet the winning trifecta dividends for a dollar paid as much as $257 on the tote. Absolutely amazing!

Now that sure beats making 40 cents profit from a one dollar win bet.

How is it possible to make that sort of money from "good things" winning?

A look at the tote prices might give a clue. Here are the final approximates for the race from SuperTab:

Horse Number and Name Tote Win Odds Tote Place Odds
1 Victory Vein $ 1.40 $ 1.20
2 Sunday Joy $ 7.80 $ 1.60
3 Salameh $47.80 $ 7.50
4 Highest $27.40 $ 3.40
5 Royal Purler $24.90 $ 4.40
6 Chatelaine $ 7.70 $ 1.70
7 Soprana $25.70 $ 4.50
8 Ms Bowie $49.00 $ 6.00
9 Stratica $66.20 $ 8.50
10 Lavishly $18.70 $ 3.10
11 Royal Siren $ 239 $41.40

The winning trifecta was 1 - 5 - 10.

Number 2 Sunday Joy and Number 6 Chatelaine were both strongly favoured to place. Most punters would have put both these horses in their trifecta combinations. And they both missed a place!

The key then is to bet differently from most punters. If you want to take a "good thing" as a standout to win, then you must save money and eliminate combinations taken by most punters for second and third.

However, this should only be done based on form. If you gave no other horses than Sunday Joy and Chatelaine much chance of placing, then it follows you should leave the race alone.

Taking the popular way - Number 1 Victory Vein to win with the field for second and third and using dollar units, the outlay would have been $90 for a nice profit. This time.

However, this trifecta wagering method is absolutely guaranteed to lose long term because you are including many poor value combinations plus combinations with virtually no chance of coming in.

The way to treat a race with a "good thing" as a standout bet for a trifecta and to give yourself a decent chance of making money long term is by finding horses to run second and third that you believe are realistic place chances and most importantly most other punters will have dismissed.

There's absolutely no point "saving" by including the second and third tote favourites in all your trifecta combinations because you will lose badly on the race if they come in plus you will lose long term because of all these additional "poor value" betting combinations you take, along with just about every other trifecta bettor.

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