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7/1/2006 edition

Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Are plunge horses winning betting tips from the racetrack? Does it pay to follow the money?

When the horse wins, so you can judge for yourself how sensible or otherwise it is over the long term to "follow the money" on the tote, we will also include as an example the the SuperTab tote dividend. Plenty of tote punters will have collected that tote dividend. Most of them would have "followed the money" on the tote.

Are they getting big enough winning dividends when they "follow the money" on the tote to cover themselves for when "following the tote money loses"?

The jockeys and trainers are also important. You may see some jockeys and trainers consistently bringing home plunges whereas others regularly fail to deliver.

Each week we will feature tables showing just how successful the "smart money" was. To qualify a horse must have firmed 5% in the betting market. For example if a horse was backed in from $5.00 (20%) to $4.00 (25%) it will qualify. You can also check tables of betting prices and what their percentages are at Odds calculator.

Canterbury, Saturday, 31st. December, 2005

Horse, jockey
and trainer

Firmed from % Firm SuperTab
Fuji Unkai
7.14% --- 2/10
Larry Cassidy (jockey) Matthew Smith (trainer)
8.16% --- 2/8
Todd Pannell John Hawkes
5.63% --- 4/12
Glen Boss Bart Cummings
Moonee Valley, Saturday, 31st. December, 2005

Horse, jockey
and trainer

Firmed from % Firm SuperTab
11.59% --- 2/11
Steven Arnold (jockey) Danny O'Brien (trainer)
Warwick Farm, Saturday, 24th. December, 2005

Horse, jockey
and trainer

Firmed from % Firm SuperTab
Cresta Run
5.54% 1.85 1/5
William Pearson (jockey) Bart Cummings (trainer)
Genghis Khan
5.96% --- 8/11
Darren Beadman Joseph Pride
No horse firmed 5% in the bookmakers' betting ring at Sandown Hillside on the 24th. December.

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You Need Top Odds

It's unlikely you'll get a high enough strike rate backing short priced tote favourites and poor value tote horses to make up for big unders on the tote. Especially in Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan racing on Saturdays.

If you regularly get poor odds you increase your chances of losing money.

It's very unlikely you'll make a long term profit by consistently backing short priced tote favourites.

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